Johnson Controls is committed to recycling batteries in the safest, most sustainable way

closing the loop

Did you know almost 99 percent of a lead-acid battery is recyclable? So what happens to old car batteries when they are replaced?

ecosteps®, a sustainable, closed-loop recycling program provided by the Power Solutions business of Johnson Controls, ensures used lead-acid batteries are being recycled as safely and responsibly as possible.

Wholesalers, retailers and installers that sell Johnson Controls batteries and participate in the program are rewarded for every battery they return. The goal of the program is to get back an old battery for every new battery they sell.

Johnson Controls breaks down, separates and recycles the lead and plastic from old batteries for use in new batteries, as well as other purposes. The closed-loop recycling process provides a steady stream of recycled lead for new batteries, reducing the need for new materials and minimizing the environmental impact.

Johnson Controls has embraced the opportunity to build partnerships with ecosteps customers by consulting and supporting them through this strategic business model change. In addition, Johnson Controls provides ecosteps partners with comprehensive marketing support such as point-of-sale materials and dedicated certification identifying them as an ecosteps business.

ecosteps handles old lead-acid batteries in the most environmentally conscious way possible – protecting resources and the environment, reducing waste and reusing precious materials.

For more information about participating in ecosteps, contact your Johnson Controls sales representative.

ecosteps in Europe

Johnson Controls is proud of the increasing impact ecosteps continues to make on the number of old lead-acid battery returns in the European market, its greatest growth region.

Initially, ecosteps was developed and tested in the German market only. Since then, the program has gained momentum in almost every European country. The increase in participation can be credited to the hard work of the Johnson Controls sales team as well as the tangible business results this program is driving for ecosteps customers.

  • The average core return rate for customers in Europe when they start the ecosteps program is about 15-20 percent.
  • Once they commit to the ecosteps business model -- about a two- to three-month process -- customers typically achieve core collection rates of more than 85 percent.

Step-by-step, the program is helping Johnson Controls’ customers meet their core collection target rates and is having significant impact on their battery sales and relationships with their workshops.

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