Johnson Controls is committed to recycling batteries in the safest, most sustainable way

About Clarios

Johnson Controls is the world’s largest manufacturer and recycler of conventional vehicle batteries

Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, is now an independent business—and a catalyst for progress in energy storage. What hasn’t changed? Our commitment to you. As the leader in smart energy storage technologies, we continue to power the world’s vehicles while remaining a dedicated partner to our customers.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where 100% of vehicle batteries are recycled. We recycled our first battery in Germany in 1904 — four years before Henry Ford introduced the Model T. Since then, we’ve helped create a recycling system that ensures millions of batteries are properly recycled.

  • Our batteries have some of the highest recycled content of any manufactured product.
  • We have proven 100% recycling rates are possible. We’re using our century of recycling experience to help increase recycling rates and accelerate the development of new recycling systems.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to design, make, transport and recycle batteries in the safest, most sustainable way.

  • We continuously evaluate and invest in technologies, controls and processes that improve our operations while reducing our environmental footprint.
  • We operate all our facilities to meet the highest global environmental, health and safety requirements.
  • We never stop looking to improve. We learn from each of the plants we build or upgrade and strive to apply those lessons learned to all of our operations globally.
  • We extend our commitment across our supply chain and our partners.

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